Added: October 24, 2018
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Dog Senior Large Male
Medium Term Stay Low Energy
  • Medical

  • About Ed
    Despite from what we know of Ed and him being blind, he still lives life to the full and is keen to make all he meets smile.

    He is the ultimate love bug who is a fantastic character with a calming and laid back spirit.

    Ed enjoys all the usually things in life as being blind doesn’t stop him doing anything that he loves  his favorite thing though has to be cuddling with everyone, snoozing in his bed or being laid in the sunshine.
    Ed will come to you when called and knows the commands ‘sit’, ‘lay down’ , ‘stay’ and ‘paw’ and he walks beautifully on a leash. He is also house trained.
    He will need a foster starting November 2nd. No dogs or small children

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