Added: August 4, 2018
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Pee Wee Shadow and Pinky Peggy

Needs a foster home

Pee Wee Shadow and Pinky Peggy

PetPoint ID:

Dog Adult Small Female
Long Term or Fospice Low Energy
  • Medical
  • Stressed

  • About Pee Wee Shadow and Pinky Peggy

    We have some *very* sweet animals needing a foster! Pee Wee Shadow and Pinky Peggy are two cuties needing a long-term foster home. These sweet, loving sisters have been together their whole life and we don’t want to split them up. They have some physical “defects” which make them even more lovable, but we’d like to move them into a home environment to alleviate any stress on their hearts.


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    They are currently on medication and vitamins that cost $81.32 total

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