Added: August 4, 2018
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Needs a foster home


PetPoint ID: 987654321d

Dog Adult Small Male
Long Term or Fospice Low Energy
  • Medical
  • Stressed

  • About Zucchero

    Seeking Foster/Hospice (Fospice) Care.

    Zucchero is a 5 year old Maltese mix. He came to us emaciated, and with diabetes. He’s been with a few fosters, the last of whom have been caring for him for over 6 months, working to nurture him back to being a “normal” dog.

    Darwin has progressed, but is far from where he should be health-wise. He does get a little growly when giving him insulin but other wise a completely affectionate dog. Once he picks his human, you’re his human.

    Would you like to donate to help Zucchero?

    He is currently on Royal Canin Glycobalance wet food which costs $63.89 a case. He is also on insulin that cost $201.50



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